Abstract Preparation and Submission

Instructions for abstract preparation

Abstracts of all contributions will be published in a special issue of the journal Materials Structure in Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Technology published by the Czech and Slovak Crystallographic Association and will be available at the conference in a printed form. Abstracts should be not shorter than about half of page and much longer than about one page A4.

For preparation of abstracts, please use templates:

Abstract template:
MS-Word (2003 and above)
Kingsoft Office (WPS office)
Libre Office (Open Office)

Please note that abstracts appear in the list after manual checking, i.e. with a delay.
In case of a text without figures, a simple build-in html editor can also be used.

Please note that an accepted abstract for oral or poster presentation will be obligatory for young scientists applying for the IUCr travel/accomodation bursary.


Creating profile at the registration system.


Submitting an abstract through the registration system. This is two step procedure:
  1. Giving title, authors and topics
  2. Abstract uploading or writing a simple abstract in built-in editor (without figures)

If the step 2 does not follow 1, the next time everything must be repeated.

Deadline for abstracts was on May 12

Abstract received after the deadline

We are still accepting abstracts for posters. They will be included in the conference journal in a standard                            way, if received till June 7, latest. The abstracts received later will be included in section late abstracts without entry in the index. The hard deadline is June 16. After this date the abstracts can be published only on-line (no additional printing) and only at the conference website, not in electronic version of the journal.