How to register?

You must start with submitting of your personal data (name, address, E-mail) and also login and password which you will use on any  subsequent registration procedure - i.e. to create your profile in the CSCA registration system. This step can also be taken as preliminary registration. Then you will also be on the mail list for sending news. Use the personal form for this.

All subsequent submissions can be sent any time (but see deadlines) through the Registration system directing to the following forms:

Abstracts must be registered and delivered via the Abstract form (see deadlines)
If necessary, the abstract may be then updated before May 15.

Actual registration for the conference is performed by sending payment details through the Registration-payment form. Conference fee can be send by bank transfer or by Visa or Euro/Master cards.You can pay any time but the fees are higher when paid after early registration deadline. If you like to pay everything (registration fee + dormitory accommodation) in one payment, you should first send the accommodation booking form and wait for payment details. Then fill in the total amount too.
Please, don't pay without sending us the corresponding forms.

Accommodation in student dormitory can be ordered using the Accommodation booking form. Then you will receive confirmation and payment details by E-mail.

You can check status of your participation (abstract, accommodation if ordered in dormitory, received payment ...) and modify some of the data in status form. If registration and accommodation fees are confirmed then corresponding sentences are marked. If you see in your profile that payment is OK then you do not have to bring any confirmations to on-site registration. You will have an invoice PDF for download after some time there as well.