List of Lectures

Date Session Time Author Abstract title
3.7. S1-L1 09:50 Xu H Eric An X-Ray Laser Structure of Rhodopsin-Arrestin Complex
3.7. S1-L2 10:20 Carpenter Byron Engineering Heterotrimeric G Proteins to Facilitate Crystallisation of GPCRs in their Active Conformation
3.7. S1-L3 10:50 Caffrey Martin New and Improved Features of the Lipid Cubic Phase (In Meso) Method for Crystallizing Membrane and Soluble Proteins and Complexes
3.7. S1-L4 11:10 Pryor Edward The importance of detergent selection: Are you choosing the right detergent for your membrane protein?
3.7. KN-2 12:00 Chayen Naomi Enhancing the success of crystallising biological macromolecules
3.7. S2-L1 14:00 Kossiakoff Anthony Generation of antibody-Fab reagents to capture and stabilize functionally important conformational states of proteins to facilitate their structure determination by crystallography and single particle Cryo-EM
3.7. S2-L2 14:30 Thomae Nicolas Macromolecular machines in genome maintenance
3.7. S2-L3 15:00 Tan Song Crystallization of chromatin complexes
3.7. S2-L4 15:30 Rubin Seth X-ray Crystallography Studies of Protein Complexes Controlling Cell Cycle Gene Expression
3.7. S3-L1 16:20 Xu Fei Structural investigation of APJ: one receptor with two endogenous ligands
3.7. S3-L2 16:50 Kapoor Khyati Mechanism of inhibition of hGLUT1 is conserved between cytochalasin B and phenylalanine amides
3.7. S3-L3 17:10 Chen Chun Jung Purification and Crystallization of an Antigenic Outer-Membrane Protein from Salmonella Typhi
3.7. S3-L4 17:30 Shaw Stewart Patrick Microseed matrix-screening (rMMS): introduction, theory, practice and a new technique for membrane protein crystallization in LCP
3.7. KN-1 9:00 Nureki Osamu High-resolution X-ray Crystallography of Membrane Proteins and Molecular Mechanisms of Membrane Transporters
4.7. S4-L1 08:30 Marquez Jose Antonio Automated crystal mounting and processing through laser photoablation. New opportunities for integrated macromolecular crystallography pipelines.
4.7. S4-L2 09:00 Hunkeler Moritz Advanced Imaging in Lab-Scale Protein Crystallization
4.7. S4-L3 09:30 Dekker Carien TeXRank: Texture Image Analysis and Machine Learning for Crystallizing Difficult Proteins
4.7. S4-L4 10:00 Gerard Charline Microfluidic platform for optimisation of crystallisation conditions
4.7. S4-L5 10:20 Mueller Dieckman Jochen Advancements in Automated Imaging
4.7. S5-L1 11:10 Oberthuer Dominik Changing concepts: Crystallization for serial and time-resolved crystallography
4.7. S5-L2 11:40 Dods Robert Micro-crystallisation of Photosynthetic Reaction Center for Time-Resolved Serial Femtosecond Crystallography at an X-ray Free Electron Laser
4.7. S5-L3 12:10 Stagno Jason Advantages of Serial Femtosecond Crystallography for RNA Structure Determination
4.7. S5-L4 12:30 Perry Sarah Graphene-Based Microfluidics for Serial Crystallography
4.7. S6-L1 14:00 Meents Alke A low background sample holder for fixed target serial crystallography experiments
4.7. S6-L2 14:30 Weierstall Uwe Microcrystal sample delivery for serial crystallography in a high viscosity medium
4.7. S6-L3 15:00 Betzel Christian Distinguishing Protein Nanocrystals from Amorphous Precipitate by Depolarized Dynamic Light Scattering
4.7. S6-L4 15:30 Orville Allen Acoustic droplet ejection: from crystallisation through time-resolved SFX
4.7. S6-L5 16:00 Smith Vernon The changing role of in-house crystallography
4.7. KN 18:45 Yonath Ada The Recent Resolution Revolution & Friendly Medicine
5.7. S7-L1 08:30 Bergfors Terese Strategies and stories for the small-scale crystallization laboratory
5.7. S7-L2 09:00 Saridakis Emmanuel Thermodynamic stabilisation, entropy, and crystallisation of proteins.
5.7. S7-L3 09:30 Bruder Lisza Glycerol alters substrate binding in PTPLP:IP complexes
5.7. S7-L5 10:10 McPherson Alexander Experiments on the Diffusion of Dyes and Ions into Protein Crystals
5.7. S8-L1 11:00 Ennifar Eric ITC-assisted crystallization of protein-ligand complexes
5.7. S8-L2 11:30 Luecke Hartmut Membrane Protein Crystallization Using Cubic Lipid Phases, Bicelles and Vapor Diffusion
5.7. S8-L3 12:00 Moreno Abel Myths and realities about the influence of electric and magnetic fields on protein crystallization and protein crystal growth
5.7. S8-L4 12:20 Ristic Marko Computational tools to aid crystallization
5.7. S8-L5 12:40 Jocks Thomas How light scattering can contribute to purification, characterization and crystallization of proteins
5.7. S9-L1 14:00 Newman Janet What’s in a drop? Moving from images to outcomes.
5.7. S9-L2 14:30 Wilson Julie Automated scoring of crystallisation experiments using multiple images
5.7. S9-L3 15:00 Acharya Samyam A Genetic Algorithm for the Optimization of Protein Crystallization Screening
5.7. S9-L4 15:20 Criswell Angela An add-on device for automated in situ diffraction screening
5.7. S10-L1 16:10 Sauter Claude Biological crystallization: from the classroom to the bench
5.7. S10-L2 16:40 Caffrey Martin A Laboratory Course on Crystallizing Membrane and Soluble Proteins and Complexes by the Lipid Cubic Phase (In Meso) Method
5.7. S10-L3 17:10 Veesler Stephane Teaching (macromolecular) crystallization with movies
5.7. S10-L4 17:30 Spano Monika Optimization of Crystallization using Dialysis Combined with Temperature Control
5.7. S10-L5 17:50 Garcia Ruiz Juan Manuel Teaching protein crystallization at the Laboratory for Crystallographic Studies (Granada, Spain)
6.7. KN-3 08:30 Garcia Ruiz Juan Manuel The impact of crystals and crystallography in art and culture
6.7. S11-L1 09:20 Sugiyama Shigeru Growth of Protein Seed Crystals with High-Strength Hydrogels
6.7. S11-L2 09:50 Blakeley Matthew Neutron cryo-crystallography: methods, applications and challenges
6.7. S11-L3 10:20 Meilleur Flora Crystallization of a fungal polysaccharide monooxygenase for neutron crystallography
6.7. S11-L4 10:50 Junius Niels Crystallization with an automated apparatus for temperature-controlled flow-cell dialysis with real-time visualization
6.7. KN-4 11:40 Giege Richard What biocrystallogenesis tells us – What is needed in the future
7.7. S12-L1 08:30 Vekilov Peter Are the protein pre-nucleation clusters equilibrium structures or irreversible aggregates?
7.7. S12-L2 08:50 Hargreaves David Antibodies as Chaperones in Crystallisation: Parameters for Success.
7.7. S12-L3 09:10 Gavira Jose Antonio Protein crystallization in hydrogels, current status and future prospect
7.7. S12-L4 09:30 Thaw Paul Flying through optimization screening with dragonfly
7.7. S12-L5 09:50 Urbániková Lubica Protein crystallisation - tricks and practise
7.7. S12-L6 10:10 Calero Guillermo Transmission electron microscopy for the evaluation and optimization of crystal growth
7.7. S13-L1 11:00 DArcy Allan A rational approach to crystallising proteins in the pharmaceutical industry, the impact of micro seed matrix seeding
7.7. S13-L2 11:30 Oster Landgren Linda Successful generation of structural information for fragment-based drug discovery
7.7. S13-L3 11:50 Peignier Thomas XRayLab: an X-ray diffraction facility for the International Space Station dedicated to the study of space-grown crystals
7.7. S13-L4 12:10 Hou Hai A comparative study on the diffraction quality of protein crystals obtained using the cross-diffusion microbatch and sitting-drop vapor diffusion methods
7.7. S14-L1 13:30 Kowacz Magdalena Ionic liquids (ILs)-water interplay in protein crystallization. From IL additives to nucleants to …
7.7. S14-L2 14:00 Pusey Marc Ionic Liquids as Protein Crystallization Additives
7.7. S14-L3 14:30 Maes Dominique The artificial protein Octarellin challenges crystallographers and modellers
7.7. S14-L4 14:50 Charbonneau Patrick Water in Protein Crystals
7.7. S14-L5 15:10 Petri Edward Use of X-ray crystallographic data for computational modelling of receptor-ligand interactions: design of steroidal inhibitors of breast and prostate cancer cell growth