Transportation to Pyramida Hotel - ICCBM-16

  From the Airport Praha-Ruzyně

  Taxi, car:

  The fastest and simplest way, however, the taxi can cost about 20 EUR. About 20 minutes drive.

  City transport:

This is the cheapest way with minimum walking. One ticket costs 32 CZK (1 EUR ~ 27 CZK) and can be used also for more tram, bus or metro lines. There are several possibilites, each taking about 40 minutes.The simplest way with one change is to take bus number 191 to the bus stop Vypich and change to tram no. 22 or 25  (the bus stop is identical with the tram stop) and continue downhill  in direction of city center. The tram has the stop Malovanka which is nearly in the front of the hotel. See the timetable of bus 191 from the airport. 
For dormitory, it is better to change on the same station Vypich but for buses 180 or 184


 From the Main Railway Station

The fastest way is by tram 5 and change to tram 22 in the stop Malostranska. It takes just 23 minutes. When you exit the building of Main Railway Station, you should  turn right and walk about 5 tram stop and take number 5 to the left (direction of Divoka Sarka). Then change in the stop Malostranska (you should go across the street to the stop for 22 in direction of uphill (Bila Hora on the tram label). Tram 22 has the stop Malovanka nearly in the front of the hotel Pyramida.

Alternatively, by metro line C in direction of Letnany and change in the station Vltavska for tram 25 in direction of Vypich. Tram 25 has the stop Malovanka nearly in the front of the  hotel.

 Taxi is possible, of course, but it will be more expensive than from the airport.

For dormitory, it is possible to go by tram 22 as described above and then get off at the stop Drinopol and walk downhill to the dormitory.
or to go to Vltavska (see above), take tram 25 or 1 (going right after exit from metro) change on Vozovna Stresovice for bus 180 or 184 going the same direction and get directly to the dormitory at stop Kajetanka.

By car

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